dora is a harpy

is she still talking?

4 March 1985
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dora is, among other things, a geek, a gamer, a fantasy/sci-fi fan, a bit of a head case, and a level 85 blood elf paladin.

This livejournal is pretty much dead at this point; dora uses it mostly to follow friends and comms on LJ that still pique her interest. She might come back to it one day, but till then, check her personal site to see what she's up to.
1984, a wrinkle in time, abarat, alan rickman, alternate realities, androgyny, animals, anime, anthropomorphism, art, art deco, art nouveau, asian guys, auron, avatar the last airbender, blades, bladesmithing, bodies of water, books, brinn, camo, candles, cartoons, cats, cg, cheese, chouji, chronicles of narnia, co-ed naked quidditch, conventions, cosplay, costuming, crossdressers, crossdressing, d&d, dark wave, de/vision, death note, depeche mode, devil & devil, digital art, disgaea, divination, doc marten's, doctor who, dragons, drawing, dreams, edward norton, extraterrestrial intelligence, f2m, fanfiction, fantasy, ffx, fiction, fight club, fire, gaming, gay men, gender issues, girls who aren't skinny, hana kimi, harpies, harry potter, hiro nakamura, horror, indian food, inoshikachou, invader zim, jhonen vasquez, johnny the homicidal maniac, katamari damacy, kilts, knitting, languages, level slutting, lord of the rings, m2f, magick, manga, metaphysics, miyazaki films, mythology, naruto, new wave, occult, oddworld, opencanvas, other worlds, ouran host club, owls, paganism, paper, past lives, persona 3, pigma micron pens, prismacolor pencils, reincarnation, renamon, rpgs, sci-fi, science fiction, seti, severus snape, sharp pointy objects, shikachou, shikamaru, shiny things, shoujo-ai, shounen onmyouji, shounen-ai, siddhartha, silent hill, slash, stuffed animals, suikoden, swordplay, swords, target practice, tarot, tesseracts, the dark tower, torchwood, transgenderism, ufos, video games, world domination, world of warcraft, writing, xenogears, xenosaga, yakumo tatsu, yaoi, yoko kanno, yuri